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if life is just a game, i'm on the losing team, and i just wanna quit...

things might seem a little better things might work out in a way we couldnt know

29 May
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1905, a.l.f., abortion rights, activism, adult swim, against me!, alternative education, anarcha-feminism, anarchism, anarcho-folk, anarcho-punk, anarcho-queer, ani difranco, animal liberation, animal rights, anti-authoritarianism, anti-capitalism, anti-homophobia, anti-patriarchy, anti-transphobia, anti-war, at the drive in, atheism, bagels, bare feet, battle royale, biking, bisexuals, blob tag, books, botany, bright eyes, canadia, chicago soydairy, circle pines, co-ops, couch piles, crappy horror movies, crass, critical mass, crushes, crust punk, d.i.y., dar williams, defiance ohio, dreads, dumpster diving, dumpsters, dykes, e.l.f., earth liberation, eating, elliott smith, equality, falling in love, feminism, first kisses, folk opera, folk punk, free food, freedom, friends, garlic, gee-tar, genderqueer, ghost mice, guys with dreads, hardcore, herbs, juice, katy the conqueror, laughing, lenore, liberation, lord of the rings, love compartments, lust, madeline, movies, music, naps, nerds, nightwish, ninedays, ninjas, nonmonogamy, one reason, orchestral black metal, pal, palahniuk, pansexuality, patches, piercings, pirates, plan-it-x, polyamory, pro-choice, punk rock, queen, queer liberation, queerness, radical cheerleaders, radical menstruation, rainbows, rasputina, reading, resistance, revolution, rilo kiley, root beer, rosa, ryan harvey, salvador dali, seitan, shac, sleater-kinney, smashing the patriarchy, spit for athena, star wars, stellar meadows, straightedge, streaking, subhumans, submission hold, super nintendo, tall bikes, tattoos, tetris, the chicago sudbury school, the door-keys, the dresden dolls, the max levine ensemble, the postal service, the weakerthans, thisbikeisapipebomb, thrift stores, tofu, trees, utah phillips, vegan desserts, vegan gym, veganism, veggies, walls of jericho, world/inferno, zines, zombies, ♀♀, ♀♀♂, ♀♂